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James, Move Forward Belfast

My name is James. April 11th 2018 was the day is was told I had testicular cancer. The next day I had my Orchidectomy.

Then on May 24th had 1 dose of chemo Carboplatin. That day was a good day as I met my Clic Sargent social worker Laurena who supported me with paperwork and met up with me to see how I was coping with the Chemo fatigue.

Then in November, I went to FSOT run by the Teenage Cancer trust where I met Simon who is a Clic Sargent social worker and also runs Move Forward, a CrossFit group for cancer survivors.

The taster session we had at the hotel was tough but I felt great. The exercises were hard at first because I was also put on Citalopram for depression which makes me warm up a lot faster making me feel ill but the beauty of CrossFit is the ability to scale.

Box squats first, training bar to practice lifting, rowing instead of running and lighter weights for dumbbell clean.

My energy from CrossFit is at a whole new level no chemo fatigue and have more energy than I did even before cancer. My flexibility from last year not being able to bend to doing low bodyweight squats and wall walks.

It’s great being around others that know what it’s like being able to joke about treatment and discuss the oddities like the taste of the drink for CT scans. None of us uses the excuse that I had cancer when we hit a wall as we all have.

I’m competing on June 22nd (also happens to be my birthday) for Clic Sargent my first CrossFit tournament as I want to show how CrossFit has benefited me physically and mentally for Clic Sargent that has helped me so much.

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