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Lisa Noelle Jackson, GritStone CrossFit

Lisa Noelle Jackson

I noticed the hype around the event on social media before last years event and told Rick about it who got involved. Before hearing about it i’d wanted to do something similar but supporting ex-mil.

I attended and the whole day had a buzz around it that you cant really explain. It was the feel of a box throwdown but in this really epic venue…plus Gritstone took second 🙂

I could easily see the work and commitment put in by you guys and as cliche as it is ‘if you cant beat them, join them’.

My family have experienced a couple of scares but luckily that’s all they’ve been. Unfortunately i have had to watch my friends go through the lasting effects of cancer when its rocked their families – unexpectedly and far too quickly.

A close friend of mine lost her dad a couple of years ago and she has nothing but praise and admiration for the Macmillan nurses. As the days and weeks went by from her Dad passing i had complete admiration for her and the strength she continues to show.

Being on the outside you never know what to do or say – so helping you guys and raising money for Macmillan is my way of doing something, of giving back.

Sadly throughout the fundraising more friends have been knocked by the news of loved ones having cancer and another lost a family member not long before the quiz night, just making what we’re doing even more poignant.

Why Battle Cancer? As an organisation you have a face – you interact and care about what those fundraising are doing. That counts for an awful lot. You’ve brought one community together to help another in the best way. That’s pretty epic!


Roped in 9 teams from GritStone CrossFit to take part – good celebration for my birthday weekend, ha
Sponsored row – 163,444 metre row to honour each person lost to cancer in the UK in 2014 – £700 raised – completed by myself, Ant Cutler and Richard Hill – we each did 163,444 too!!
Quiz night – Sold out event (100 people) – raised over £800 on tickets and raffle

Events arranged by others in the box off the back of what i was doing:
GritGirls Clothes swap night – £100+
GritBoys Casino night – £100+
GritStone Biggest Loser – £100+

We’re just shy of the £2k mark so having a think about what else we can do.

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