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Where does the money raised by Battle Cancer go?

All of the money raised through fundraising is donated directly to cancer charities or through our partnership with JustGiving. You can either donate to one of our official partner charities or pick a cancer charity close to your heart.

Money from ticket sales pay to run the competitions and a portion is invested back into our events so that we can grow Battle Cancer to reach more teams in countries across the globe – ultimately raising more money and awareness for cancer charities.

How much money has Battle Cancer raised so far?

Since Battle Cancer was set up in 2017 we have raised over £300,000 for 30 cancer charities worldwide.

How do I fundraise?

We’ve partnered with JustGiving to make fundraising as straightforward as possible. Simply go to and select the event you are participating in.  

From there, the site will guide you through the process of creating your own Battle Cancer JustGiving page that you can share with friends and family. Your JustGiving page is linked with your chosen charity and will automatically count towards our Battle Cancer fundraising grand total.

In countries not supported by JustGiving, we give athletes advice on how to fundraise directly to their chosen cancer charities. Look out for Fundraising Packs that will be emailed out to you and available on our website.

You can also donate to directly to cancer charities who have representatives at our events – those present will differ by country.

Can I set up my own fundraiser?

Yes! From marathon rows, pub quizzes and bake sales to hero WODs and fancy dress parties,  get ideas from our fundraising pack to start your fundraising journey. We are looking to inspire people to fundraise year-round under the Battle Cancer banner and we’re always on hand to offer advice and tips on how to fundraise.

The Battle Cancer team loves to meet their supporters and can visit your box, grab some pictures and lend support on your event day.

We also love to feature fundraising stories on our social media channels and website so please tag us and let us know about your efforts!

Can I spectate if I’m not competing in a Battle Cancer event?

Yes! Spectate for free at all of our events and lend some support to your friends, family and community. With fantastic food vendors, brands, retailers, charity stands, live DJs, and more, Battle Cancer events offer an experience for everyone.

I want to change our team name, division, affiliate or add other details, how do I do this?

All of our events are run through Competition Corner which is where you can make any changes. When you sign up to a Battle Cancer event, you’ll receive an email from Competition Corner with login details to manage your team. Team captains are able to make more changes than the rest of the team so if you can’t see what you need, ask your team captain to log on instead.

We need to change a team member, can we do this?

All changes can be made through your account with Competition Corner. You can change athletes in your team as many times as you need up to two weeks before the event. After that, if one of your team is unable to compete for any reason, just bring a replacement on the day. Let registration know and the new athlete will be given a paper waiver to sign.

What if one of the team gets injured?

If one of the team is injured or unable to compete for any reason, you can just change the details of the replacement in Competition Corner. If you miss the deadline of two weeks before the event, just bring a replacement on the day. We just ask that the new athlete signs a paper waiver to compete which will be available at registration. Unfortunately, we cannot change the t-shirt size requested if the change is made within two weeks of the event.

We can no longer attend an event, can we get a refund?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds under any circumstances but you’re welcome to sell your ticket to another team. Use Competition Corner to log in and change the team’s details. If this happens within two weeks of the event, please contact us directly at

Can we sell our ticket?

You can sell your team ticket and use Competition Corner to change the team and athlete details. Again, if this happens within two weeks of the event please contact us directly to discuss.

Can we bring extra athletes as substitutes?

No, sorry! Teams of four only.

What is the maximum weight I'll be expected to lift?

Our workouts are designed to be accessible for all levels. The maximum weights for men and women are as follows, all weights are in kilograms:

  • Kettlebell – Men, 24 / Women, 16
  • Dumbell – Men, 20 / Women, 15
  • Plates – Men, 20 / Women, 15
  • Slam Balls – Men, 50 / Women, 30
  • Wall Balls – Men, 9 / Women, 6

Check out our Standards and Workouts page.

Do I have to be able to do certain gymnastics skills or movements?

No, we don’t include any gymnastic skills (such as handstand walks or muscle ups) as our workouts are designed to be accessible for all levels. We don’t even use a rig. You will be doing inventive bodyweight movements such as wheelbarrow runs and partner carries.

For more information, check out our Standards and Workouts page.