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Bonjour, France!


Bringing the Battle Cancer fun to France in autumn 2020, we're taking over CrossFit Sept Deniers in Toulouse. As always, our workouts will be accessible and fun yet challenging whether you’re a professional athlete or regular gym-goer. Expect our iconic Battle Cancer live DJ sets, mass warm up and incredible vibe, along with special guests, food vendors and brand partners.

5th Sept 2020

CrossFit Sept Deniers, Toulouse

1 standard, Teams of 4

Want to compete?


Male Division

4 men

5th September 2020

Female Division

4 women

5th September 2020

Mixed Team

2 men & 2 women

5th September 2020

No RX or scaled, just one fun and accessible standard


No qualifiers, no complicated skills, and no extreme standards, our workouts are designed so that professional athletes may compete next to experienced gym-goers, first timers and cancer survivors.

We understand that movements don’t need to be advanced or incorporate heavy RX loads to challenge you and your team.

Our programming gives athletes a range of methods and options to complete the workout, but don’t be fooled! While accessible, our workouts test even the most seasoned competitors and athletes.

Further equipment may be added but will not exceed the weights stated.

Are you an adaptive athlete? Do you have serious injuries which limit your ability to complete certain movements? On the day our judges are briefed to consult with the head judge and make scaled adjustments so that you can put your all into the workout.


Cheer on our teams from the sidelines and enjoy an inspiring day of competition, live DJ sets, fantastic food and great vendors

CrossFit Sept Deniers, Toulouse

France, we’re coming for you! Get ready to throwdown in the south of France as we head over to our new location, CrossFit Sept Deniers.

Come together with professional athletes, local gym-goers and cancer survivors to battle it out and raise funds so that we can kick cancer into the dust.

2 Rue de l’Egalite, 31200 Toulouse, France