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Battle Cancer joins forces with Progenex

On the battle field, especially when fighting something so awfully rough like cancer, you need a strong partner. We joined forces because we truly believe that we share the same values and urge to make a change and inspire the community to get more involved. We trust that together, we can achieve greatness in reaching out more people and raising more funds that will truly make a difference in the lives of many, many people.


What is Progenex?
Progenex is one of the world’s top supplement brands that believes in achieving greatness by reaching your maximum potential every single day. As a bran they support movement in every way, shape or form. Health is the result of incorporating fitness, good diet and proper rest in your life. Progenex exists to prepare you for training and accelerate recovery. With Progenex you can return to your next workout faster and stronger, in the pursuit of the lifestyle you were born to live.


Why do we believe that Progenex is the best partner to support our cause?
Usually, the most suitable partner is the one you can rely on, the one that can push you forward and the one that can take part of the load off your shoulders. Progenex is all this and much more. In our pursuit to start a movement across the UK to inspire and support people struggling with cancer, we’re happy to stand next to somebody that inspires the entire fitness community, that people can relate to and trust.


Progenex has been involved in other noble fundraising pursuits related to cancer, such as Barbells for Boobs, an initiative that exists to mobilize and empower people to take action in breast cancer.


They also supported numerous extremely successful functional fitness events, such as Wodapalooza, Tribal Clash or The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, which gives us the certainty that our 2018 events and forward will offer upgraded experiences to all participants.
All the things above make Progenex the best partner to help involve as many people in the fitness community in the UK, raise proper awareness and funds to make our battle with cancer a victory.


Get ready for 2018 – it will be EPIC!
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